Pub ‘Get-Together’ 12 August 2021

The ESCC held a Pub Get-Together at the Flying Horse in Odengatan in Stockholm on the 12 August. This was the third of the three social events that the club has organised so far this summer, the others being an afternoon walk along Djurgårdsbrunnsviken (30 May), and a picnic at Waldemarsudde (4 July).

I think the ESCC Board should be congratulated for arranging these events and especially Valerie Olsson who did the catering for two of them.


One can truly say that we have refused to let the Corona-virus cramp our style, while at the same time being careful to remind our members about the risks and precautions involved. The Get-Together last Thursday, potentially an indoor event, only went ahead because by then the majority of Seniors in Stockholm had been vaccinated and therefore felt safe. It actually turned out to be partially outdoors due to the Flying Horse’s generous outdoor seating and the lovely sunny weather which allowed us to sit outside.


The Get-Together was a ‘drop-in’ event which allowed for maximum flexibility – ESCC members came and left the pub when it suited them – and judging by the enthusiasm they showed and the noise they made talking when they were there, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. At least 20 people came along, ‘representing’ at least 6 different nationalities, which just goes to show how popular and useful English is as a global second language and how important the ESCC is as an international club.


While Pub Evenings have been a regular feature of the club’s social programme for as long as I can remember we now see that lunch events may well prove to be equally or more popular with our members, whether at pubs, restaurants or other places, especially as we are becoming increasingly a Seniors’ club. After all, eating and drinking always mix well with talking, and the second letter of our club’s name (ESCC) should remind us of this – S for SPEAKING! I am sure the ESCC’s Board will no doubt bear this in mind when planning future events.


Report written by Peter Dulley.