Cyber Pub Night

Wanna join in on a Corona friendly pub night?

Join us here tonight !

Serve your self a glas of you beverage of choice and join the chatter.

Lars-Erik Eriksson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Cyber Pub Night
Time: Oct 22, 2020 07:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

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6 months vid Covid-19

So, how have you handled the new world situation? What have changed, how have you handled the restrictions and how do you entertain your self?

For me, we had a video easter dinner, where everyone in my family (we live across Sweden) connected to a video chat/dinner.

We all had made dinner with pre determined requirements (color, design etc) so we compared our creations via the video-link.

After that we played charades, where one texted the performer the task and I may say this was a realy funny event and we all laughed so hard that evening so we all had horse burn the next day.

Tell the members your story, write me your story and I’ll publish it here on our website.

Stay safe!

And check our website if we have published yor contribution.


Lars-Erik “LEE” Eriksson


Corona virus aka covid-19

We (The ESCC Board) have cancelled ALL planned meetings ( including the AGM on Sunday April 19th) and activities till further notice.

Please come back here often for updates!

And do remember to wash your hands often!

Computer education

Hello members,

I have a question for you. If the Club would arrange a computer class, would you consider signing up?

I know it’s a big world around computers, internet and more so I put a little questionnaire I’d like you to fill in if you are interested.

The big picture is that we would host it at ABF and you were to be required to bring your own laptop. There is a possibillity for us to rent a room with computers but that would require us to charge the actual cost, we would absolutely do that if you think that is better.

So please do answer the questionnaire and write any comments you might have.



Lars-Erik Eriksson


Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope you all will have a great day and better evening.

Please do remember our Valentine’s dinner hosted at Spice Of India (see in our events list).