6 months vid Covid-19

So, how have you handled the new world situation? What have changed, how have you handled the restrictions and how do you entertain your self?

For me, we had a video easter dinner, where everyone in my family (we live across Sweden) connected to a video chat/dinner.

We all had made dinner with pre determined requirements (color, design etc) so we compared our creations via the video-link.

After that we played charades, where one texted the performer the task and I may say this was a realy funny event and we all laughed so hard that evening so we all had horse burn the next day.

Tell the members your story, write me your story and I’ll publish it here on our website.

Stay safe!

And check our website if we have published yor contribution.


Lars-Erik “LEE” Eriksson


Corona virus aka covid-19

We (The ESCC Board) have cancelled ALL planned meetings ( including the AGM on Sunday April 19th) and activities till further notice.

Please come back here often for updates!

And do remember to wash your hands often!

Computer education

Hello members,

I have a question for you. If the Club would arrange a computer class, would you consider signing up?

I know it’s a big world around computers, internet and more so I put a little questionnaire I’d like you to fill in if you are interested.

The big picture is that we would host it at ABF and you were to be required to bring your own laptop. There is a possibillity for us to rent a room with computers but that would require us to charge the actual cost, we would absolutely do that if you think that is better.

So please do answer the questionnaire and write any comments you might have.



Lars-Erik Eriksson


Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope you all will have a great day and better evening.

Please do remember our Valentine’s dinner hosted at Spice Of India (see in our events list).

Some photos from the 40th anniversary cruise


This is the Bogart Trio, three fantastic musicians who played jazz music in the Promenade in the afternoon and early evening. For my wife and I this was the highlight of the ship’s musical entertainment during the cruise.


Hopping On & Off

 The amusing thing about this picture is that although both buses are hop-on, hop off, and they look very much alike, they are owned by different companies which operate in competition to one another. While using the same route most of the time they have have separate bus stops. This results in a lot of confusion until one gets used to it. You can imagine the frustration we experienced on at least 3 or 4 occasions when tired from walking and having stood at the bus-stop for 15 minutes or more, we hailed what we thought was our bus coming towards us only to see it zoom past us and disappear into the distance!


The Sibelius Monument

This is set in a beautiful park beside the sea. The main part of the monument consists of hundreds of metal pipes which remind me of organ pipes although Sibelius actually composed little organ music. It is said that the sculptor added Sibelius’ head to the monument so as to answer her critics, and this sits beside the main sculpture.


The Rock Church

This is apparently the most popular tourist attraction in Helsinki. Opened in 1969 the elliptically-shaped church is carved into the bedrock and is therefore physically underground, which somehow reminded me of the early Christian church and the catacombs. The overwhelming feeling it gave me was of beauty and natural simplicity.


Photos and text by Peter Dulley


More images will be in the next issue of the NewsLetter and here on the website.