Newsletter and Website

As you all know by now we have a new website, and with new stuff comes bugs, do overs and remakes. Our site is no different there.

What I experience now and get information from information from you members is that we quite often load the site slowly, and that I know is a pain the the backside. I have singled out the problem and it’s our current hosting provider and I will on the board meeting now Sunday November 10th bring it up and ask for permission to change. I do run +15 sites my self at a different hosting provider and have not experienced these problems there. Stay tuned, I will inform here and in our NewsLetter.

Speaking of the Newsletter, it’s printed as of yesterday and I know William is working on the labeling and making sure it’s in the mail to you shortly. I don’t think I will have time or materials to do a Xmas edition but I plan on a February one. This means that if you have any information or articles you would like to have published, the dead line is February 5th 2020.

I will make Xmas and New Years article here on our website so please do come back often and check for new information.

One of the functions here on our new WebSite is the subscribe to our events function.

If you choose the calendar of your choice, you will never miss an event!!! When I post a new event here on the website, you will get it into your calendar automatically!!! That’s nifty in my world :).

Well have a great autumn/early winter and stay tuned for more information here and In our NewsLetter.

Best Regards


Editor and WebMaster