The English Speaking Community Club (ESCC) was founded in Stockholm in 1979.

The ESCC is a non-profit organization oriented toward the educational, cultural, and social needs of Sweden’s English-speaking community.

The majority of our members are from English-speaking countries, namely the USA and the British Commonwealth, but the Club welcomes anyone with an interest in the English language.

Attention: ESCCers (trying to find more suitable Event venues)

Sixteen Club members met via Zoom for the recent (June 4th) meeting to discuss the ESCC and its way into the future.

The Board has already started working through the list of ideas and suggestions that was put forward then.  

A recurring point brought up was “Events”, because that’s what the ESCC is all about!

Venues for “Films and Discussions” and “Talks” and Group Dining with Mingling have not been easy to find.

This is why we are actively asking You, our fellow members, to help find additional venues, hopefully centrally located, with some kind of facilities for serving refreshments, and at a reasonable cost.

Please give this “quest” a good think, followed by some earnest action.

It will be best to send your “finds” via e-mail to any Board member.

All of our e-mail addresses are below:


Thank you!

Peter Miller