That was the first question Dr. Bob Faeder asked the ESCC group gathered around him at the ABF Huset as he began his lecture on teeth and dental care.  Most of us, as I gather from the replies, neither love or hate our dentists, but we respect them. As Bob pointed out dentists are both medical practitioners and carpenters. They work with many of the tools that carpenters use, albeit in miniature. It is a very exacting profession demanding not only extensive medical and dental knowledge but also physical dexterity and skill.

He covered the anatomy of a tooth, the various attacks that caries, neglect and illness affect our teeth and what the dentist and the various specialists within the profession can do to cure us and make our teeth function more effectively. The condition of our teeth directly affects the health of our bodies so that a regular dental check up is an important as a regular doctor appointment.

Questions flew from the floor so frequently that Bob could barely continue speaking before questions forced him to reply.  Briefly he touched upon the complicated subsidies that the Swedish health care system has made available for health care and the burdens that the young immigrant population has now placed on the system.  Many of the immigrants come from cultures in which dental care is virtually unknown. Whereas the Swedish youngsters now have nearly perfect teeth because of fluoride rinses and regular dental check-ups, the newly arrived both young and old often have major dental problems with which the health care system has not even begun to cope.

The hour and three quarters that Dr. Bob spoke was almost not enough time to cover all the questions thrown at him. As the lecture ended because of time restrictions Bob was surrounded by the participants still asking questions.

Anita Coté-Irestrand sponsored this event and all the participants are very grateful for her efforts to make this a very pleasant Study Circle meeting.

Do you love or hate your dentist?

By David Kushner

Dr. Robert Faeder

This article was printed in the October 2012 issue of The Newsletter.


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